22nd January 2018 Работаем над интересным новым проектом: голос и текст.

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rlsrussiannews: US sanctions encourage McDonald's to cook up Russian fries - Reuters https://t.co/L8ITa6i9sb
about 233 days ago
russianlinguist: 11th June 1831 (English translation of 1831-go IYUNYA 11 DNYA by Mikhail Lermontov) https://t.co/FqCezWeDme
about 7 hours ago
rls_city: Urgent help for Dima's family https://t.co/pwCegDYWXK
about 16 days ago
rls_creative: Found a good Mandarin interpreter for a summer language and etiquette school, as a favour for our colleagues. Feels good!
about 877 days ago
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