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rlsrussiannews: US sanctions encourage McDonald's to cook up Russian fries - Reuters
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russianlinguist: A great online English-Russian Law week, organised by the Bar Council of England and Wales, came to an end yesterda…
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rls_creative: Found a good Mandarin interpreter for a summer language and etiquette school, as a favour for our colleagues. Feels good!
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RLS was established in 1995 by Katerina Rykunova-Burgess, a graduate in Russian philology of the Moscow Lomonosov State University, with a decade of practical experience and qualifications in UK retail financial services industry. Katerina is a fully qualified, hands-on simultaneous financial, media, political and UK court interpreter. Today the agency employs the best European and Russia-based language talent, translators and interpeters from international organisations and banks, top copy writers and journalists. 

Our back office is competently run by native English and Russian bilingual administrative staff, all qualified philologists and professional PRs.

You, the client, can take comfort in the knowledge that the person on the other end of the telephone will speak your language and understand your culture and your needs. Better still, by living and working for decades in the UK, and guided by our British staff, our people understand what makes the UK audience tick.

Our freelancers can be assured of:

• being provided with necessary reference materials;

• having full administrative support from our staff;

• being offered regular Continuous Professional Development opportunities (CPD)

Contact RLS on +44 (0) 1344 894 504 or Our People