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RLS CITY team consists of our top LEGAL and FINANCIAL translation, interpreting and editing talent, as well as our in-house bilingual project management staff.

For the investment and legal professionals in the City of London and globally we offer the following translation services:

  • financial translations (annual reports, investor presentations, analyst reports) 
  • legal translations (depositions, witness statements, court documentation) 
  • linguistic Expert Witness Reports 
  • translation project management  
  • translation certification (in-house) and notarisation
  • editing, sub-editing and proof-reading

All work is done by native speakers who specialise in a particular subject matter, and most have a second degree. All projects are individually managed, with specialist glossaries compiled. Jobs are cross-checked to ensure top quality of delivery.

Our interpreting service includes:

  • legal, financial, commercial and technical simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (at international conferences, seminars, one-on-one meetings, interviews, conference calls, press conferences and awards ceremonies) 
  • Road show interpreting  (no visas necessary)
  • interpreters are allocated according to their specialist subjects and client requirements 
  • our legal interpreters have either specialist training or a second degree in Law (and regularly interpret at meetings with Counsel, depositions, interviews, court hearings in the UK and abroad).


Contact RLS on +44 (0) 1344 894 504 or